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2SG BBQ Gloves

2SG BBQ Gloves

SKU: SG0207151

2SG 35cm BBQ Gloves feature a superior a triple layer protective constuction and are both heat and cut resistant. Sold as a PAIR the gloves are a one size size fits most.

Super comfortable lining with silicone top layer ensure you can handle things with ease without slips.
Compliant with both EN407 and EN388 standards these gloves are made to last and can withstand temperatures up to 800°c for arounbd 5 seconds, ensuring you can handle hot items and surfaces without being burned.
Great for use both indoors or out these gloves are the ultimate cooking accessory for any home indoors or out to protect your hands, wrists and forearms from heat and sharp objects.

  • Care Instructions

    - Washing machine safe

    - Do not tumble dry

    - Do not leave wet, hang from wrist loop in shade to to dry

    - Do not intentionally stab or cut glove as this may cause harm or injury


  • Superior Heat Resistance

    Will withstand exposure to temperatures up to 1472°F / 800°C for 5-10 seconds.
    WARNING: Do not use with hot liquids or steam, as glove will not provide heat protection against these elements.

  • Compliance

    2SG BBQ Gloves are compliant with both EN407 and EN388 Standards, ensuring piece of mind that they will perform as described.
    In addition to heat resitance these gloves are L5 cut resistant providing protection from cuts and abrasions, making them perfect for many uses both inside and outside the home.

  • Triple Layer Construction

    2SG Gloves feature 3 individual layers to ensure maximum protectiuon for the user:

    - Layer 1 is the inner layer that is made from high quality, thick, breathable and comfortable 100% natural cotton.

    - Layer 2 features a high strength Deyan Aramid heat protectective layer developed in Germany.

    - Layer 3 is the outer silicone surface layer that provides superior non slip performance.