Binchotan Style 'Ultra Premium' Long Burn Charcoal Logs 5kg

Binchotan Style 'Ultra Premium' Long Burn Charcoal Logs 5kg


This high quality BINCHOTAN Style Charcoal is commonly used for Hibachi barbecue and for Japanese and Korean style BBQ cooking. This white charcoal is 100% Natural and contains no added Chemicals.
This extremely dense charcoal is long lasting and produces high consistent heat.

Binchton style charcoal logs are very low ash producing, do not smoke or spark and can be reused


Ingredients: Hardwood Ash - Indonesian Origin

Ave. Burning Time: 7 - 9 hours

Log Size: Various

Packaging: 5kg Carton with plastic liner / also available in 20kg Carton with plastic liner

Carton Weight
  • Product Specs.


    Barcode # TBA
    Brand: 2 Smokin' Guns
    Shipping Weight: 5kg / 20kg
    Shipping Width 30cm / 33.5cm
    Shipping Height

    30cm / 33cm

    Shipping Length: 30cm / 51cm
    Shipping Cubic  


  • How is Binchotan Style Charcoal is Made?

    Binchotan style charcoal is made using a special kilns known as Bincho Kilns. Generally built with red clay, Bincho Kilns can reach temperatures of 1000C and conduct heat for weeks on end. Binchotan style charcoal is vertically lined up branches inside the Bincho Kiln and then fired to 1000C , which can take up to fourteen days. After the coals become red-hot, the charcoal is pulled out and quickly smothered with a mixture of ash, earth, and sand to cool and carbonize the wood. It’s a time-consuming process, and not everyone can do it: Binchotan craftsmen train for years to develop the skills necessary to make the best possible natural product. 

  • Why use Binchotan Style Charcoal?

    The benefits of using binchotan stylke charcoal for grilling are many and varied. First of all Binchotan style charcoal burns cleanly with a high steady heat and the alkalised ashes are said to neutralise protein acids and other undesirable acidic products during cooking. Due to far-infrared radiation produced by the charcoal, foods are quickly sealed enhancing the natural flavours of the food. Binchotan style charcoal is a highly dense charcoal and burns for a very long time, with each piece being able to burn for 7 – 9 hours depending on the thickness. Binchotan can be more difficult to ignite than lump charcoal and briquettes but this is a minor inconvenience compared to the flavour it imparts.


  • How can I identify Binchotan style charcoal

    You can tell the difference between Binchotan style charcoal and normal charcoal by simply knocking two branches together: while normal charcoal makes a dry, sound, Binchotan charcoal makes a metallic clank not unlike porcelain.

  • Tips for Cooking with Binchotan Style Charcoal

    1. Place binchotan style charcoal in a charcoal chimney starter or directly on a portable gas burner and place directly over a gas flame for about 20-25 minutes or until glowing hot. Never use synthetic fire starters which completely defeats the purpose of using binchotan.
    2. When you put the binchotan style charcoal in your hibachi or BBQ, leave it to burn for about 10 minutes and then reshuffle the logs to get a more even heat
    3. When you finish cooking, dunk the charcoal in water using solid tongs and place on a tray to dry, or smother in an old pot with the lid on so you can use the charcoal again. 
    4. Remember binchotan style charcoal  burns far hotter than ordinary charcoal so be very careful and continually monitor as you cook.


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