What is a Kettle Grill?

A kettle barbecue IS NOT really a smoker. But you can turn out some pretty good low and slow cooked meals on them.

A kettle barbecue is a basic dome-shaped dish with a lid. When you think kettle barbecue, you probably think Weber because they’re the brand behind the world’s most iconic kettle barbecues.

And, there’s a reason that they’re so popular. The simple design of a kettle barbecue makes them inexpensive, easy to use, portable and versatile. They’re technically designed for simple grilling over a charcoal fire. But, by arranging the coals in the right place, you can smoke quite well on the one ‘cue which makes these barbecues a favourite for so many people.



Smoking on a Kettle

Learning to smoke on a kettle barbecue does take a bit of practice. But, it’s also not that hard. And, you can turn out some pretty darn good smoked meats on one of these basic units, especially if you’ve got a larger one.

Pros of using a Kettle Grill

  • They’re cheap

  • Can be used for grilling and smoking

  • Durable

  • Easy to use

  • Portable

  • Lightweight

  • Don’t take up much room

Cons of using a Kettle Grill

  • Takes a bit of practice to perfect the art of 

  • Smaller cooking capacity than some other smokers

  • In most kettle barbecues you’ll have to lift the cooking grate to add more fuel below which is annoying if it’s full of meat

Who Should Buy a Kettle Grill?

Kettle barbecues are an awesome choice for anyone who wants a durable and inexpensive grill that doesn’t take up a lot of space and has the added bonus of doubling as a smoker.