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Cooking steak is an artform all of its own?

From a plain raw slab of cow to a superb gourmet meal, there are so many options both in doneness and cooking method to achieve the perfect outcome. On top of this you have personal preference to cater for!
So, how do you cook the perfect steak everytime?

Although there are many cooking methods for steak that involve indoor cooking appliances, we're all about smokin' and grillin', so the info. we provide is all about the perfect steak from your grill or BBQ

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Steak Grillin' Methods

1. Plain Old Grillin' or Searing - this is all about slapping your slab of meat straight on to a hot grill and searing on either side until you achieve the desired level of charring on the outside whilst leaving on the heat long enough to ensure sufficient internal doneness of the meat.

2. Reverse Searing - Similar to just searing, but in reverse. Obviously! With reverse searing it is really hard to get it wrong if you stick to the guide. It involves beginning the cooking process of the internal part of the meat through indirect or lower heat first and getting to the internal temp that delivers your desired doneness level and then transferring the steak to a super hot grill just to finish off and sear the outside. This method is reliable and consistent and will ensures you deliver steak just the way you want it every time.

3. JKF - Just Keep Flippin' - This is probably the method that requires the most work, but delivers a great piece of meat as a result. It's all about, exactly as it's named, just continually flipping the steak, every 30secs max. over a hot grill until the desired doneness internal temp is reached.


Steak Doneness Guide

The age old argument about what level of doneness is best. 
Ultimately it's all about your personal preference and taste, although most believe the best taste is experienced by not cooking further than medium, otherwise all the fat is cooked out and the meat becomes dry and loses the true flavour of the meat.

No matter what is written or said, it's entirely up to you and what you like and enjoy.

So here's our 2SG guide for internal meat temps to achieve the perfect level of doneness for your liking.


Steak Doneness Guide

The age old argument about what level of doneness is best. 

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